Michael Hall


Michael is the Director of Operations and Marketing here at Trueface. Michael lives in Atlanta, Georgia and has a bachelor degree of Business in Digital Marketing from the University of North Georgia - Mike Cotrell College of Business and a history working in church organizations and non-profits. He has a passion for the Trueface message of creating environments of grace for those to trust in God and themselves. A few of his favorite things are traveling, coffee, The Avett Brothers, and sparkling water . He is a staunch believer that Seinfeld is the best show to ever be on television.

Prior to serving at Trueface, Michael served at North Point Ministries Inc, in various roles from starting as an intern to then moving into contractual roles across adult ministries and students ministries.

He is a mentor for high school boys at his local church and leads multiple student missions trips to mayan villages in Mexico. I am starting to think he only works so he can go on these mission trips…

He loves Trueface because of the unique way that the message can move the truth of Jesus from the head to heart.