Our mission is to increase your influence through trust.

Each and every one of us has a deep need for security, safety, meaningful relationships, esteem and purpose. These needs have been hardwired into us, and when they are not met pain inevitably follows.

Trust is foundational and critical to meeting these needs and increasing your influence. Without trust:

  • You can not experience love or truth

  • You can not have relationship with God or man

  • You can develop your competencies, wealth, and power but only at the expense of relationships

  • Relationships exist to provide something you want at the expense of what you and others need

  • Children live without direction, and the value of life is minimized for the quality of life

  • Spirituality is performance based, and right behavior is more important than key relationships

  • Power is pursued and the weak are ignored

  • You live in isolation – hidden, vulnerable to your weaknesses with immature character

  • You lose hope

  • You lose your identity

  • You can reach your potential, but never experience your destiny

Here at Trueface, we want to help you increase your influence by trusting God and others with yourself. We offer a variety of means for your journey, including books, study guides, events, videos, podcasts, group online education, consulting, and partnerships. In this relational process of building trust, we believe you will discover the true face of Jesus, again—maybe for the first time. He is the Source of every high-trust community of grace.  


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