The Three Co-Authors

Trust allows grace to flourish, and grace changes everything. Grace changes our leadership, our relationships, our marriages, and our friendships. Grace changes the way we commit to each other because grace integrates people and mission. Bruce, Bill, & John continue to write, speak, serve, lead and enjoy each other not because they always agree - they are as different as three friends can be -  or because there have not been challenges. Grace allows communities to form where strengths can thrive and be enjoyed and limitations can be explored and mutually protected. This commitment creates an environment where every team member at Trueface gets to be for and not against. When we are for each other we promote each other, and when we promote each other we get to live in the very mission we are blessed to share.

Our Staff

Our passion for living in grace and trusting God and others with ourselves extends to our work family. Here we seek to enjoy God and each other as we work to support and further this message. We love having deep, silly, joyful and trusted relationships here at Trueface; we are committed to each other and to living in the light together. We also occasionally pull pranks and rely on a rather endless supply of coffee.

High Trust Leader Faculty Members