Top 5 Podcasts of 2018


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1. Grace is Not Opposed to Effort

This week we look at the theology of work in Proverbs, and how grace is not opposed to hard, productive work.

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2. Know Your Why

We continue looking at work in Proverbs, and discuss why it's so important to know your "why" when it comes to our work.

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3. What is a Safe Place?

The Trueface team gets together to list out what makes a safe environment. We walk through our list and encourage you to do the same with your family, team, church, or whoever you would like to build relationships with. To see the Ladders we are discussing go to

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4. The Attractiveness of Generosity

We look at the subject of generosity in Proverbs, looking particularly at Proverbs 19:6 and 14:21. We are not only called to be generous with our finances, but with our attention, our time, our energy, and all the things God blesses us with. This kind of generosity will lead us to joy. Here is a link to the Bible Project video we mentioned:

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5. Grace and Proverbs

This week we start a new series, looking at how we read Proverbs through the eyes of grace. We're so excited to begin discovering God's wisdom alongside you and alongside our entire staff!