Carol Barger

Phoenix, AZ
(Grew up in Nebraska)

A late in life surprise has transformed my perspective and lifestyle. From early childhood I had known and experienced the grace of God through salvation in Jesus Christ. Intentionally and with satisfaction to the degree I had been taught about spiritual matters I walked with God. Spiritual disciplines were my guide, instead of using grace as my primary compass.
It wasn’t until midlife when many of life’s experiences had painfully wedged their way into my heart that I was introduced to a grace based approach to all of life. I learned that grace wasn’t just a gift from God but a lifestyle to be practiced in all relationships of life. The TrueFaced teaching on grace was the most enlightening and freeing lesson I had ever heard. The emotional injuries that I thought I had dismissed or resolved from my past surfaced as I listened to welcome messages on grace. Through the TrueFaced messages and the real life stories I saw, for the first time, grace at a horizontal level. Grace and not just good intentions or disciplines was the model for relating to others. I felt the love, freedom and acceptance of grace that is practiced as well as received.

I couldn’t stop the flow of tears triggered by my first encounter and understanding of the joyful freedom of living in grace. The TrueFaced team taught how me to relate to others in grace and not from a performance standard.

My husband and I were starving for more of this grace experience, so since that initial exposure we have continued our pursuit of the meaning and practice of the Truefaced teachings and counsel. We have experienced transformation in our marriage and in our relationships with others. Our perspective has dramatically changed from habits of criticism to more understanding and acceptance of others. We have greater marital harmony and less tension between us. We have been given the perspective and tools to relate in openness and peace with others. We have been set free to be and share who we really are. Our desire is to practice grace as well as be recipients of God’s grace.

Our growth will take the rest of our lives as we relax into God’s arms of grace and live out of the dwelling Christ within. Our spiritual journey started and continued for many years on a performance basis but we look forward to finishing life with grace as our guide in our relationship with the Lord and everyone else.

Brittany Sawrey