Don Hammond

Phoenix, Arizona

As I think about it, most of my life has been spent trying to please people. As a child, I tried to please my parents. As a student, I tried to please my teachers. As an employee, I tried to please my employer, and as a husband, I tried to please my wife. It was very natural for me as a Christian, to try and please God. I have always had good intentions, but because of my insecurity, it put me in a place of consistently not measuring up.

In December 2006 our church had a men’s breakfast; Bill Thrall was the speaker. He talked about the value of building trust with people. In addition to making several statements such as “without trust it is impossible to please God” and “we cannot love without trust,” he asked several penetrating questions. One question was “Do we really know and care about each other?” I was personally challenged. The following summer I went through the small group study, TrueFaced, with three other guys who were at that breakfast. We gained a deeper understanding of each other. The safe environment that was built had a very practical impact. We have experienced the meaning of doing life together in a fresh new way. We have gained strength and encouragement from our deeper friendship.

The process of moving from a place of pleasing to trusting has not been easy. In fact, I find it is hard work, but the work is worth it. The level of personal freedom I feel as I trust God for the results is great. As I trust God, I have found greater personal power to live the principle of “I am not responsible for the results of my obedience to the Lord.”

Brittany Sawrey