Gin Dagger

The Broken D Ranch
Denver, Colorado

I had known for quite a long time that I had a story to write. Too many things had happened to me and evidence of God’s presence and protection was scattered throughout my life, even before I gave my life to Christ. My fear of putting my thoughts on paper for all to read was my excuse. My inability to trust others with who I really am was a monumental stumbling block.

Then John Lynch came to our church and spoke of the masks that we all wear. He spoke of the grace that God was beginning to show me. He was so open and real in sharing about his shortcomings, his failures and his story. It resonated within me on a deep, deep level. I signed up for the TrueFaced study shortly after and I began to choose a different walk.

First I started to write my testimony to share my story with others. The problem was that it refused to be a testimony. Before my eyes it turned a book. It was amazing! From August to December I wrote an entire book. God provided an editor, along with a publisher and the following July Broken became a reality.

As I went through the process of becoming transparent, several things happened. I first realized that God was with me long before I gave my life to him. I learned that he had protected me in my worst moments and that rather than waiting for me to behave, he was waiting for me to turn my life over to him. I also began to realize that in my transparency I could teach other women about grace and about relationship with God.

I began to host captivating studies in my home. I began to host Bible studies. I began to write articles. I led women’s ministry in our church. I became a Christian women’s life coach and began to mentor women over a period of years. I began to write about my relationship with God in a blog. I began to speak publicly and privately to anyone who would listen (and a few who would not) about my Jesus and the hope that he offers.

I have an audacious dream of having a working ranch for battered and abused women and their children. A place where they will come to understand who it is that God intended them to be and to become equipped to fulfill their destinies. I know that God is my dream giver and that all things work together for good to those who are called according to his purpose.

I am so thankful for the Leadership Catalyst/TrueFaced Team, for their willingness to be true-faced and to teach others about the grace of God. It has been life changing for me and for many others. God is not only my Redeemer he is my Restorer. Our God reigns!


Brittany Sawrey