Paul Hadley

High School Principal (retired)
Glenbard East High School
Chicago, Illinois

I am at the stage of life where I have more history than future! As I get older I find that dramatic, life changing “before and after” experiences tend not to be the norm. But don’t confuse this statement with meaningful change not taking place. Now, change is a more lengthy process. There is more history to overcome, more entrenched thought patterns that need to be transformed.
While attending a weekend at a TrueFaced seminar, some very potent seeds were planted that began to germinate over the years that followed. The metaphor of two paths, as told so dramatically by John Lynch and reinforced by Bruce McNicol and Bill Thrall, was most instructive. The first path, “Pleasing God leading to the Room of Good Intentions and Striving To All God Wants Me To Be”, described my mindset and with it the only too predictable outcome. By this time I knew every twist and turn of that meandering path. The second alternative path, “Trusting God leading to the Throne Room of Grace and Living Out Who God Says I Am” had a compelling ring of truth. I remember thinking; the Gospel really is Good News after all! The truth can indeed set one free.
I was always convinced that God loves people – isn’t that the verse we learned first as children, “for God so loved the world”! But I always had this nagging feeling that He didn’t love me personally with my unique profile of heart needs. Certainly, He can’t possibly like me nor could He actually be pleased with me. As TrueFaced so forcefully presents, that is the outcome of striving to please God. You never put enough points on God’s scoreboard to win his approval. Surprisingly, He isn’t even keeping score!!
The weekend there nudged me to reconsider how I viewed God and how I relate to him. The deeply embedded thought patterns of having to continually earn his love are being pried loose. It is finally sinking in that God already loves me personally and uniquely and I don’t have to impress Him. When Jesus said, “Your heavenly Father knows you need these things” – He was talking about heart needs as well as food and shelter.
Getting to know God in this way is proving to be such a revitalizing adventure! My weekend in the TrueFaced seminar planted those seeds – for which I am thankful.


Brittany Sawrey