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Trueface’s flagship and foundational book, The Cure, has helped individuals and churches experience peace in their relationships with God, themselves, and others.

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The Cure: What if God isn’t who you think He is and neither are you

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With over 1,900 comments on Amazon—and endless emails and letters received byour team—the transformation stories have been incredible!

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The Freedom Of Living Authentically

For over 27 years, Trueface has equipped people to experience the freedom of living beyond the mask and building trust in God and others. Check out this video:

The Book That Started It All

We thought we were cured.

We thought so, but most of us unwittingly carried an old, dead perspective into our new life. We couldn’t measure up to a standard we created, so we convinced ourselves it was God’s. We read his words through our grid of shame and felt ourselves fall farther and farther behind. We took it out on each other; judging, comparing, faking, splintering. Some of us retreated from the whole charade, becoming cynical, mistrusting, jaded from hope. Our marriages, churches, families, friendships, our marketplaces, our culture . . . they all need the cure.

But God’s cures rarely come in the form we expect.

What if, indeed, God is not who we think he is...and neither are we?

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