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Trueface Conversation: Breaking Your Cycle

Breaking Your Cycle guides two people through six conversations, exploring the source of their unwanted behavior instead of just the symptoms. Hosted by Michael Cusick and Robby Angle


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Most of us struggle to experience authentic relationships because we don’t truly grasp the fullness of God’s grace, our incredible identity in Christ, and how the cross addresses our shame in the here and now. Come explore these issues and more in the Trueface Blog.

Why Am I Not More Grateful?

Why do little things derail my gratitude, joy, thankfulness, or rejoicing? I have moments where I think about his abundant blessings and they seem to be overflowing and overwhelming. Which makes my moments of ingratitude seem even more foolish. They seem even more silly.

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Am I Healthy Enough to Make an Impact or Lead Others?

We started talking about this universal tension. On one hand that sometimes we feel like imposters, that we are behind, need to get our house together, have so much more to learn, and so many areas to mature into.

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Part 2: How to think Differently about Ambition

For most of my life, as a strategic, high vision, high drive, first born son, I have lived in the potential of tomorrow. I have often felt like a veil between my life and how I live, as I am going through the motions and living life but not feeling fully present.

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“I’ve begun choosing to trust God. I've found new freedom in my thought life and all the “what-ifs." I've always had negative “what-ifs" with my loved ones and have been very fear-based in my narratives. I have begun trusting God with my loved ones and this has brought me so much peace. It's not religious formulas or a checklist or striving. Instead, it's trusting."

Erin McCall

Billings, MT, Trueface Journey

“Trueface helped transform my life and provide valuable insight to my freedom in Christ. From reading The Cure and other books to the Heart of Man to the Podcast, I sincerely cherish you guys and the work that you were doing."

Eric Diaz

FreeLife Coaching, New Freedom, PA

“I will “choose” to trust and believe that God chose me, delights in me and sees me as His own. That I am His beloved daughter. I want to help others, to see and believe this truth about God‘s grace. I have a deeper understanding and acceptance of how Grace works in my life. It must first be received to be given away. I feel recharged and energized to share and be known."

Jill Kamps

Burlington, WA, TF Books & Studies

“The truth of who I am in Christ has totally changed my life. I was on the trail of pleasing God and striving harder to show how worthy I was of His grace. I learned that I was no longer who I was, even on my worst day. I am trusting God for my source and looking to Him for meeting my needs instead of people. I am maturing into who I already am! Many people are reading the Cure with me and it has been amazing seeing the transformations, breaking of lifelong shame, and renewing of minds. Praise God for Trueface!”

Karl Records

AppomattoxVA, Ministry Coaching

“Ever since I have engaged with Trueface I have felt the message of humility and trust orbiting around me. Never mind the world, in the Christian community there is so much expectation to achieve, to have an instagramable life and to be constantly be on the up. No one ever says it out loud, but it's in our conversations and on our social media posts and definitely in our heads. This message of humility, of trusting God and others with me flies in the face of so much of that comparison and expectation and leads to something much more peaceful and much more Jesus-centered. Trusting God and others with me, with my history, my shame and my pain, and living in a way that chooses to take up that trust day after day, is profoundly life changing."

Alistair Forman

UK, Author & Pastor, High Trust Leader Course
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