For over 27 years, Trueface has equipped people to experience the freedom of living beyond the mask and building trust in God and others. It is our prayer to see a world transformed by followers of Jesus experiencing the freedom of living authentically.

For people who are wondering where to start, we recommend beginning with The Cure. It encapsulates the central teaching of this ministry. With decades of impact across the globe, The Cure helps us see ourselves in a brand new way.

See our small group studies linked to The Cure:

Click to see the book Bo's Cafe---BO'S CAFE is a model for all who struggle with unresolved problems and a performance-based life. Those who desire a fuller, more authentic way of living will find this journey of healing a restorative exploration of God's unbridled grace.
Click to see the book Trust For Today -- Jesus’s invitation is clear throughout the Bible: Trust Me, and trust those I’ve put in your life.
The cure & parents book
Click to see the book The Cure for Groups - Robby Angle, President of Trueface, delivers a practical guide to starting or re-igniting your small group.
Become the leader people are proud to follow by opening yourself to the influences that develop character: Enduring relationships with friends, family, and God.
La Cura - The Cure in Spanish book

La Cura - The Cure in Spanish

$ 13.99