Barry Rowan // The Spiritual Art of Business

On this episode of the Trueface podcast, I am with Barry Rowan. Barry Rowan is a Harvard Business School graduate who spent his entire career serving in C-Suite roles. He has been instrumental in building and transforming eight businesses, primarily in the technology and communication space, with one selling for $10 billion. His leadership experience spans both private and public companies. Based on his belief in giving back, Barry serves on both for-profit and non-profit boards, mentors young leaders, and leads international study trips. His non-profit boards have included InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Seattle Pacific University, Gordon College, the Gonzaga University Entrepreneurial Leadership Program, and advisory boards for Harvard Business School. He also served as president of Bellevue Christian School.Barry is married to Linda, his wife of over forty-two years, and they have two adult sons. Together they are now engaged in multiple lines of service including walking with the poor and investing in the next generation of leaders. Their commitment to the poor has taken them to Central America over twenty times. They are members of the National Leadership Council of World Vision and support local organizations breaking the poverty cycle through sustainable programs.Barry is the author of 'The Spiritual Art of Business: Connecting the Daily with the Divine', which can be purchased here:Watch on YouTube: learn more about Barry and his work, visit his website at Trueface Journey is a transformative, nine-month group initiative that helps individuals and churches invest in others more intentionally and effectively.  - Visit for more informationLearn More about the trueface Journey Here:

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