Trueface Conversation

Many of us want to go deeper with God and others, but we’re not sure how. Maybe we . . .

Are extremely busy right now.
Don’t feel like we know a lot about the Bible.
Can’t practically commit to a small group.

That’s where the Trueface Conversations come in.

They guide you on a journey into a deeper, more authentic relationship with one other person. Discipleship happens naturally, and it’s not awkward or forced!

Trueface Conversation: Beyond the Mask

Beyond the Mask guides you through eight 15-20 minute conversations with a friend, family member, spouse, classmate, colleague or anyone else with whom you’d like a more authentic relationship. Each conversation has a short video followed by a few questions to guide your conversation with your partner. The conversations can take place in person or over the phone. Use this journey to travel beyond the mask into deeper relationships.


Trueface Conversation: Breaking Your Cycle

All of us have struggled with an addiction or an unwanted behavior that we just can’t seem to stop. Often in desperation or exhaustion, we tell someone.

Unfortunately, many of us aren’t sure what to do next!

Breaking Your Cycle guides two people through six conversations, exploring the source of their unwanted behavior instead of just the symptoms. Infused with Trueface’s theology of grace and Michael Cusick’s decades of expertise in the field of addiction, this Trueface Conversation will help you experience being known in the midst of your painful patterns. If you’re looking for a grace-based way to walk together through the stuff that we just can’t seem to stop doing, then join us in Breaking Your Cycle.